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Our Programs

The Bogyawe Area Foundation for Accelerated Development Inc. family in Hyattsville, Maryland has become instrumental in improving the lives of community members in underprivileged areas. Among our accomplishments is the donation of school supplies to SDA School in Bogyawe, Ghana.

Educational Programs for Children

It has been said that “it is easier to build strong children than to mend broken men.” With this in mind, we ensure to aim our educational initiatives at building strong and thriving children.

Some of Our Programs Include:

  • Health and Wellness Events
  • Youth Employment Programs
  • Elderly Care and Welfare Programs
  • Community Activism and Young Leaders for Tomorrow Program
  • Bicycle Initiative
  • One Household, One Bicycle Program


  • Nearly 100% of school children in communities we serve stay in school until the completion of their elementary education or Junior Secondary School (JSS).
  • 80% of teens enter high school or other vocational centers upon their graduation from JSS.
  • We provide yearly financial support to at least one youth from Bogyawe area communities to attend nursing training college.
  • We provide yearly financial support to at least one youth from the Bogyawe area communities to attend university/college.
  • Every household in the communities we serve has access to electricity over a five-year period.
  • We support community centers/adolescent clubhouses in deprived communities.
  • We organize vocational and skill development workshops to enhance youth job-seeking efforts in local communities.
  • We support the means to provide easy access to good drinking water in needed communities year-round.
  • We sponsor community health outreach programs to provide health screening for children and the elderly once a year.
  • We support the provision of library centers to facilitate learning and education of the youth in deprived communities.
  • We provide computer training and financial literacy to the communities so that individuals can engage in the global economy.

2019 Planned Projects and Activities

  • Completion of a three – unit classroom block by May.  Townspeople will supply labor
  • Acquisition of tables, desk, and chairs for the classrooms
  • A community center to cater social functions and recreational facilities for youth
  • Graduating ceremony in May of 2019
  • Construction of the Bogyawe market and mail
  • Modern town planning outlay

2018-2019 Accomplishment in Bogyawe

  • A befitting Palace has been built and the ancestral stools were moved in November of 2018 from the old Abusuafie to the new Palace.
  • Two colorful graduating ceremonies have been organized for primary 6 and JHS 3 graduating classes of 2017 and 2018.  Over 100 participated each year and a luncheon reception was held in their honor.  This program has provided great incentives that have made the children stay in school and take education seriously.
  • Four desktop computers and monitors  were donated to the SDA JHS and 3 in 1 copier, printer and scanner was donated to M/A JHS.
  • Four sewing machines were donated to a tailoring shop to help train Bogyawe boys and girls.
  • Over 10 acres of land has been cultivated and corn, plantain, and cocoa planted in support of the Government planting for jobs and food program.
  • In November 2018, 2,000 composition books, 100 school bags, pens, pencils, new and used clothes, toys, and food was distributed to the various school children in Bogyawe.  We would like to thank Progressive Life Center, Washington, D.C., Pirates Cove Restaurant, Galesville, Maryland, The Soul School, Baltimore, Maryland, and the family and friends of the Bogyawe Area Foundation for all of your online essay writers contributions.  Your generosity has made a tremendous impact. 
  • Bogyawe Village Letter Writing Project (From the West Coast USA to West Africa).  The Bogyawe Letter Writing Project is a collaboration between the Bogyawe area schools and the Los Angeles Unified School District the goal of which is to allow students to learn about each other’s cultures and life experiences.  The letter writing project was launched in January of 2019.

We ask that you would continue to support the growth of Bogyawe by giving your generous donations and supporting our efforts to change lives one child, youth, and family at a time.  Together we will make the difference.

2017 and 2018 Planned Program Activities

  • Organize a donation drive by gathering school supplies and used clothes for distribution to school children in various communities in Ghana.
  • Organize volunteers for our “Operation: Clean Your Environment” campaign.
  • Organize commencement ceremonies for graduating youth in public schools in various communities in Ghana.
  • Organize community health fair and outreach events. Activities will include health screening, dental services, primary health care, and mental health assessments for children, the youth, and the elderly.
  • Work with local churches in the Washington Metropolitan Area to do community service including feeding the homeless and caring for the elderly.
  • Organize annual picnic events in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Activities include recreation and entertainment that feature African music. We will also serve African cuisine to the community.
  • Facilitate a forum to discuss topical subjects including immigration, insurance, finance, and investments as well as family matters such as couples’ retreat, child care, and multi-family retreats.

2016 Program Activities and Accomplishments

  • Donated three-in-one copier/printer/scanner valued at $1,000 to the Bogyawe Junior High School computer lab.
  • Donated several school supplies valued at $2,000 to both primary and middle school children in the Bogyawe area community schools.
  • Provided financial assistance amounting to $500 to aid the Bogyawe area youth who gained admission into a university in Ghana.
  • Donated graduation gowns to commencement ceremony of around 103 young graduates of the Bogyawe Primary School Sixth Grade and Bogyawe Junior High School Third Year classes in May 2017.
  • Completed negotiations with a team of medical professionals from Ghana and USA to organize community health fair and outreach events. Activities for the upcoming fare will include health screening, dental services, primary health care, and mental health assessments for children, the youth, and the elderly.
  • Established Kete Cultural Group, trained drummers and traditional dancers, and acquired a set of Kete drums for the group who will educate their communities about local tradition, customs, and culture.
  • Worked with local churches in the Washington Metropolitan Area to do community service including feeding the homeless and cleaning community areas.
  • Visited and provided food supplies to underprivileged families in the Washington Metropolitan Area.
  • Organized picnic events in Washington Metropolitan Area to provide recreation and entertainment that featured African music. Food served also included traditional African dishes.

Get Involved Today

Take part in our programs at Bogyawe Area Foundation for Accelerated Development Inc. in Hyattsville, Maryland. You may contact us at the number and address listed below. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to leave us a message using the form on this website.

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