Pills Viagra was patented by the company Pfizer under the trade name Viagra. This was the original product until the patent protection expired. After that, numerous companies (primarily from India) established their own production of medicines, the main ingredient of which was also vardenafil. These new drugs became analogues of Viagra.

Analogues began to be produced because the original product is expensive due to the investment of large financial resources in it. After all, a new drug should be carefully studied in the course of research for its capabilities and side effects, then you still need to invest in advertising a new drug. Therefore, the original Viagra is expensive.

Since the effectiveness of vardenafil has been proven in various studies, releasing Viagra analogues is very beneficial. Now a man who has experienced erectile dysfunction can, at an affordable price, acquire a quality drug and return to a full intimate life. What kind of pills with vardenafil can manufacturers offer patients?

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